About us ----

About us

Our Mission

To provide top quality water and service, while fully responding to the ecological concerns of our clients, ie the elimination of plastic bottles of all sizes.

Our History

The president of Source Omega, Mr. Christian Carriere , has an experience in the field of sales, installation and maintenance of water coolers and water filtration systems.

An entrepreneur at heart, he left his job to launch Source Omega in 1990. He realized the potential in the water market for an aspiring entrepreneur and the opportunity to eliminate all bottled water delivery trucks.

An environmentalist before his time, he was convinced that a green technology existed. He has persuaded his customers that they can drink pure, affordable water, with a positive environment impact.

Source Omega Inc. has been incorporated since July 1999, and Mr. Carrière realizes his dream every day. All equipment sold or leased by Source Omega comes with substantial benefits that differentiate the company from its competitors.