Our clients are our number one priority. We have numerous enterprises that use our products and services, to their great satisfaction. They include Desjardins, BDC, ScotiaBank, Parks Canada, Deparment of Fisheries and Oceans, Deloitte, Dessau, Héroux-Devtek, just to name a few. Our clients expect quality and service and we aim to please.

You will find herein, the testimonies of some of our customers. All of them state the quality of our products and services.

These testimonies have been provided in French and translated in English.

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EXA Design

Longueuil, May 29, 2015

Mr. Carrière,

Hereby, I wish to extend our thanks following the installation of your waterfiltration system.

We are very surprised by the quality of the water your system delivers thanks to your unique process of triple filtration. We would never have thought we could drink water directly fromthe tap, without after-taste, before today.

Thank you for your extraordinary service and the quality of your installations.

Please accept, Mr. Carrière, our sincere greetings.

Faye Dea-Jalbert
Interior Designer, associated

Exa Design Logo


Mr Christian Carrière,

We bought a drinking water fountain model SO-295 in November 2009. It is a wall unit with stainless steel exterior.

Service and maintenance are well handled and the wateris very good and cold. I would not hesitate to recommend this model to any IGAowner and other businesses.

Your company has always been providing us with anexcellent service.

Best regards,

Yves Lamoureux
IGA Lamoureux


You have installed the filters and coupling pipes very professionally and neatly everywhere while complying with the instruction of not disturbing the office people in their work.

These filtration systems allow for a very significant economy, they also spare us the water bottle handling, and we got the water bottle storage space back. The water analysis we had performed in a laboratory shows that the filtered water is of excellent quality.

Desjardins client de Source Omega

Notre-Dame Hospital

I have been working at Notre-Dame Hospital in Montreal as a refrigeration engineer for the past 21 years and I have seen and repaired my share of water fountains. So I can tell you that your water fountains are in a class of their own. They are easy to clean and they run quietly, these assets place you well above the competition and moreover, your prices are more than competitive. The quality of your devices gives us clear, good tasting water thanks to your filtration system, which is also easy to replace. Your availability and your eagerness to please your clientele make us feel like we are in good hands.

Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Pierre Paquin
Montreal, Quebec

James Bastian

Your installer, Jim, came on Friday and set up the water Leek Controller. I want to mention that he did an excellent job and I am very happy with the installation he performed. He was very professional and he found a way to install it without cutting into the wall, since there was not enough space for the unit.

James Bastian – April 30, 2012



I have been a very satisfied customer at Source Omega for five years now. We just finished renovating our store near the Cosmodome in Laval. We exchanged our old bottleless water cooler for newer model, more ‘design’. Source Omega has re-installed it in the place where I wanted, in our waiting room, in a very professional way.

I recommend Source Omega for the following reasons:

  • They come regularly, every four months, to perform maintenance on the fountain and I hardly notice it.
  • The technicians are professional and discreet
  • The water is always excellent and very cold.




Hello Mr. Carrière, how are you? I wassurfing on your web site and noticed that Source Omega is celebrating its 25thanniversary this year !! It’s incredible how time flies !!!

Congratulations to you ! At the same time, it’s not surprising that your company has reached thismilestone. Thisis a step that your passion and your sense of work well done have allowed you to reach, and you as your spouse andyour employees can be proud of it!! Anyway, I'm proud to have trusted and to have urged mybosses to take you as a supplierfor our water fountains !
Congratulations again and see you soon!!

Pierre Paquin

Petite Fleur Day Care Centre (Trois-Rivieres)

Thanks a million for the QUALITY product you sold me. My friends at the day care centre love it, the installation was easy and everybody is happy to drink more water since it has become a true pleasure for my day care kids to access it and rhyme pleasure with good habit! As for me, as an educator, this acquisition has proven practical and reassuring since I no longer have to leave them to fill their glasses.

drinking water fountains

Thank you Source Omega

Danielle Paquin, Trois-Rivieres

NOTE: If you go to the Achievements section on our site, you will see the pictures sent by Mrs. Paquin – Thank you!


A word for you to emphasize our appreciation of the excellent services that your company has provided to us. For over ten years we benefited from reliable and efficient services.

Your company has been consistent in the maintenance and was also able to accompany us during our move.

Thank you for the good service and long life to Source Omega.

Lynn Thompson CPA, CGA



We have been using the services of Source Omega Inc. since 1992, for installation as well as for filter replacement, and a variety of service calls concerning the water consumption for our 1000 employees in Place Ville-Marie in Montreal.

It is my pleasure to confirm that the Source Omega Inc. employees provide a high level of customer service; they are available, competent and perform an excellent work at the best possible cost.

Deloitte client de Source Omega

General Manager

Pattison Sign Group

This is just a note to say how pleased and satisfied we are with the wonderful service Source Omega has been providing us for the last several years with our water machines.

In fact, we found our service calls were answered rapidly, and the maintenance crew does a great job of servicing our machine thoroughly.

A few months ago, we proceeded with an office move, and Source Omega was there to help us with the move and installation of our water machine to the new location. Though we had been using 2 machines in previous years, we only kept the WP-1000 model this time around and are quite pleased with its performance.

More recently, we were made aware of new machines being added to their catalogue. Although it won’t do for our office, we appreciated being given a heads up on new items being made available to customers.

There is no doubt you can count on Source Omega for providing its clientele with impeccable service!

Bravo to Source Omega and its wonderful, very professional team. We are pleased to be counted amongst your clients.

Stefano Di Girolamo
Director of sales, Eastern Region

Pattison Sign Group - client de Source Omega

Hyundai Drummondville

I called upon Omega Source for the installation of two water fountains some years ago now. At that time, I was very pleasantly surprised by the high quality of your services. Indeed, the speed with which you shipped the units and then sent a technician to do the installation were particularly impressive. And that's just one example among many of what I like about your services.

I know you are serious and I have every confidence in you and I ask you to continue to maintain our water fountains. In fact I was particularly pleased with your help.

I therefore reiteratemy thanks for the excellent service and please accept my best regards.

Sandra Neveu

Hyundai Drummondville - Client Source Omega

Johanne Morin

Hello, just a word to let you know that you have an excellent service. I ordered by email on January 6 and I received my order by postal mail on the 8th. I will not hesitate to recommend you to everybody.

Thank you and have a good day!

Johanne Morin