Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic is a substance that the earth can not digest and any piece of plastic that has ever been created, still exists. Every day, in the United States, we throw out 88,000 tons of plastic.

For the end of the year celebrations, discover the SO-295 drinking fountain

Source Oméga’s motto is well-being. When we talk about well-being, we speak about offering you a pure water of superior quality, with no smell of chlorine, neither taste of metal. This is why our drinking

30 ml of Source Oméga good water, per day, per weight

Water is a vital part of our daily lives. Indeed, it is the most important constituent of our body, since we have about 70% in volume, and about 99% in number of molecules. It is

Source Oméga introduces the SO-500 water chiller

A pure and fresh water, which does not taste chlorine, in modern and varied devices, this is what we offer at Source Omega. Thus, we combine design with the quality of water, to the delight

The benefits of Source Oméga’s products

Source Oméga offers you a wide range of drinking fountains, but also water dispensers, water heaters and water coolers. The devices of Source Oméga are original and proposed avant-garde designs. As a result, our tanks

How do you repair an outdoor drinking water fountain?

With the summer season fast approaching, it is important to count on an outdoor drinking water fountain that works perfectly. And, if it hasn’t been properly shut down at the end of the season, you