Drinking Water Fountains PG8AC Drinking Fountain with Glass Filler

PG8AC Drinking Fountain with Glass Filler

The Oasis drinking fountain, PG8AC (PGF8SBF) model with Glass Filler, formerly named P8AC, is ideal for people with reduced mobility. It is a refrigerated, compact and wall mounted drinking water fountain.  

Product Specifications

  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Front and side activation bar
  • Integrated strainer that stops 100 Micron particles before they enter the system
  • Copper tank
  • 5-year limited warranty on refrigeration system and major components (US and Canada only)
  • Other components are guaranteed 1 year from date of installation
  • A warranty certificate is attached with each unit


  • Leak detector
  • Faucet (for easy filling of glasses, bottles, etc.)

Tank capacity n/a
Cooling capacity 29.5 liters /hour
Temperature 10°C (41°F) - mechanically adjusted
Compressor 1/4HP / 460W / 4,6A
Refrigerant gas R134A
Dimensions (cm) Device 43.8 (width) X 48 (height) X 47.3 (depth)
Dimensions (cm) Box 52 (width) X 59 (height) X 51 (depth)
Weight (kg) 27
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration) n/a