Drinking Water Fountains SO-3115


This outdoor drinking water fountain, ideal for parks and recreational areas. Asides from 2 drinking levels for humans, there is also a ground level dog fountain which allows for pet owners to easily supply their animal with a cool flowing stream of water.

Product Specifications

  • Tri-level Water fountain (adults, children and animals)
  • Exterior made of thick stainless steel
  • Vandal proof screws and wrench
  • Triple Filtration System (Sediment, Softener and Charcoal Filter)

Technical information

Tank capacity n/a
Cooling capacity n/a
Temperature n/a
Compressor n/a
Refrigerant gas n/a
Dimensions (cm) Device 106 (width) X 102 (height) X 32 (depth) 32 (Diameter of the cupola) 28 (animal station height)
Dimensions (cm) Box 110 (width) X 105 (height) X 39 (depth)
Weight (kg) n/a
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration) 19.5