Drinking Water Fountains SO-312


The outdoor drinking water fountain SO-312 is easily recognisable by its unique shape. It is a drinking water fountain that can be placed outside : in public areas, parks and schools for example. Adults as well as children can drink to the bubbler of the cupola and they can also fill their bottle thanks to the big faucet. This drinking water fountain is made of stainless steel; you can use it for years, and it will keep its original state for a long time.

Product Specifications

  • One-level Water fountain
  • Faucet (Perfect for filling bottles)
  • Exterior made of thick stainless steel
  • Vandal proof screws and wrench


Technical information

Tank capacity 2.2 liters
Cooling capacity 8 liters /hours
Temperature 5°C (41°F) to 8°C (46°F) - mechanically adjusted
Compressor 264 Btu/h / 170W / 0.8A
Refrigerant gas R134A
Dimensions (cm) Device 60 (width) X 123 (height) X 32 (depth)32 (Diameter of the cupola)
Dimensions (cm) Box 67 (width) X 107 (height) X 39 (depth)
Weight (kg) 40
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration) 20