Drinking Water Fountains Oasis PG8AC

Oasis PG8AC

The Oasis drinking fountain, PG8AC model, formerly named P8AC, is ideal for people with reduced mobility. It is a refrigerated, compact and wall mounted drinking water fountain.  

Product Specifications

  • Galvanized steel structure
  •  Front and side activation bar
  •  Integrated strainer that stops 100 Micron particles before they enter the system
  • Copper tank
  • 5-year limited warranty on refrigeration system and major components (US and Canada only)
  • Other components are guaranteed 1 year from date of installation
  • A warranty certificate is attached with each unit


  • Leak detector
  • Faucet (for easy filling of glasses, bottles, etc.)

Tank capacity n/a
Cooling capacity 29.5 liters /hour
Temperature 10°C (41°F) - mechanically adjusted
Compressor 1/4HP / 460W / 4,6A
Refrigerant gas R134A
Dimensions (cm) Device 43.8 (width) X 48 (height) X 47.3 (depth)
Dimensions (cm) Box 52 (width) X 59 (height) X 51 (depth)
Weight (kg) 27
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration) n/a